Technical Software for development in mechanical engineering

Since 1983 the TEDATA GmbH supports mechanical engineers in the development process. The focus of TEDATA lies on the systematization of technical content and the development of the technical calculation software MDESIGN.

These are the different subjects TEDATA covers:

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TEDATA GmbH products
Approved calculation and information software for machine elements

Analysis, optimization and documentation of new and modified parts and assemblies
  • Fast and reliable calculations in compliance with approved standards
  • Automatic, fast and customizable documentation
  • More than 30 000 users worldwide
Knowledge portal for mechanical design and development (available in German only)

INGGO offers technical content and solutions for product development and purchasing in mechanical engineering.

Themes of INGGO:
  • Engineering news
  • MDESIGN parts catalog
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  • MDESIGN Training program
  • MDESIGN online dimensioning
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  • Overview of technical standards
  • Basics of mechanical engineering (MDESIGN teachnet)
  • Addresses and links for more information